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Give ’n’ Go - Dribbble shots with matching CodePen interactive pens

Awesome idea

Using Photoshop in Responsive Workflows

Excellent insight from the Web Standards Sherpa

How to Use steps() in CSS Animations

Jeet Grid System - Smart CSS preprocessor grids

A grid system written in a way that means something to humans, not machines.

Understanding CSS Timing Functions


The Future of Javascript Animation with

A nice introduction to

Saffron: A simple sass mixin library for animations and transitions

How To Build A Ruby Gem With Bundler, Test-Driven Development, Travis CI and more

New Google Analytics user and sequence-based reporting

FastClick: Eliminate lag in mobile browsers

This library aims to eliminate the 300ms lag between a physical tap and the actual “click” event in mobile browsers. This makes your site feel much more responsive without interfering with your site’s current logic.